What has changed?


  • Fixed: [BUG-1643992] Tag XML Export not working
  • Fixed: [BUG-1643993] Tag Association Import Issues
  • Fixed: [BUG-1642724] null pointer exception when using right-click add new tag
  • Fixed: [BUG-1642725] right-click add tag is throwing null pointer
  • Fixed: [BUG-1642745] externalization error in package manager
  • Fixed: [BUG-1642720] Right-click Menu is showing incorrect strings
  • added some unit testing and started drafting test plan

1.2.0 (recalled)

  • Fixed: [BUG-1630810] Update site does not register as update only as new
  • [FR-1616822] import/export tag associations
  • refactored the tag association io
  • added new context menu action to create a new tag and associate it at the same time
  • externalized meta data strings in configuration files
  • [FR-1630811] Add Tag Filtering support to JDT Package View


  • Fixed: [BUG-1624293] Plugin jar deployment bug
  • added documentation for new functionality
  • added stylesheet to documentation
  • Fixed: [BUG-1617191] site bad in IE
  • simplified web site and removed dojo
  • cleaned up string externalization
  • cleaned up javadocs.
  • added new icons and fixed name of logo icon.
  • [FR-1616814] Open all search results action added to all search results pages
  • [FR-1616812] ability to create working set from any search results page
  • added resource view filtering based on tags to Navigator and Project Explorer
  • Fixed: [BUG-1620496] working set success message not populated with set name


  • Fixed: [BUG-1617895] Closed project on workspace causes errors


  • Initial release